i slink i slide through the shadows. she passes me by but does not see and i glide out behind her and fall in step with her and she turns and looks but i am hidden for i am one with the darkness that surrounds us. she looks ahead and sees the streetlamp; salvation in a barren land. she rushes forward and i behind reach to grab and she reaches the light and my hand disolves and i pull back for fear that she might turn and see me, there, one step behind, in the space occupied recently by her.

she looks she turns she sniffs the air and i feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise and i know she knows i am there, though she still can not see me and she looks towards me and i close my eyes and i open them and she is running and i tear through the dark after her, feet pounding hard against the wet sidewalk cold air rushing past my ears kicking over garbage cans in our wake.

she rounds the corner and her foot catches the curb and she tumbles to the ground and her eyes fill with tears as she watches me approach with eyes wide open coming to her faster and faster she arches her back with hands behind to push her off the ground but all too soon i am there and we tumble back to the ground together and i take her head in my hands and i stroke her hair and i stare into her eyes and she into mine and i bare my teeth and snarl and she laughs and i kiss her on the cheek and i can feel her chest still rising and falling hard with each breath as she bites down on my lower lip and i pull away from her and smile and leap up and race off into the night.

feet pounding hard on the pavement i turn around to see two green eyes racing towards me in the darkness.

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