he nudged the small of her back, running his hands over her skin, up over her side and down to her stomach, stroking it with his fingers. he pulled her in towards him and she slowly stirred from her sleep.

"look at that. it looks like an alligator."

it was understood that clouds were important. that clouds were worth waking up for. they had seen a rabbit together on their first date. in a lull in the conversation, they caught each other staring out of the diner window, staring at the sky. illuminated by the lights of the city, a larger-than-life bunny had appeared over the skyline.

she stared out the window. it was five in the morning. winter was just settling in and it was going to be a cold day. it felt like a cold day, even there, underneath the covers, nestled in his arms. grey clouds drifted by their window as the sky began to light up, the slight tinge of morning making its way into the day. she stroked the back of his hand and stared out at the clouds.

"armadillo. maybe."

she giggled and squeezed his hand. leaning back into him, she took a few deep breaths to match her breathing to his and closed her eyes. the morning light disappeared from view as she slipped back into a world of alligators and armadillos playing in the snow.

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