this is mostly about me, but it's also about this other girl. but it's mostly about me. i don't like her very much. once, when i was little, she took my lunch and wouldn't give it back to me. and then when i started crying, she threw it at me saying "fine! take it! baby!" and i went home and locked myself in the closet and didn't come out again all day. not even when mom called me out for dinner. and then, the next day, this girl brought me a brownie. from home. she said that her mom had made it for her, for her lunch, but that she felt bad and so she was going to give it to me. and it was really good. the brownie was. and i gave her back half of it. because i knew that she wasn't as mean as i thought. or as mean as she thought. and then i showed her how to color. in the coloring books. and she couldn't ever color in the lines. but that was ok, because it was just a picture of an elephant and it didn't really matter so much. but she was always looking at mine. and she told me how much she liked my pictures. because i was always a good colorer. but that was before. we don't do that any more. because one day, we were out on our bikes. and we were racing. and we wanted to see who could get to the bottom of the hill the fastest. and i was going as fast as i could and my feet were going as fast as they could and i thought that they were going to fall off of my legs but they didn't and then i got to the end and i looked and she wasn't there and i thought she was right behind me and i couldn't see her and then someone started making a lot of noise and i looked over into the front yard of one of the houses on the hill and there she was and she wasn't moving. at all. and they took her away and i went home and i locked myself in the closet and i didn't come out not even when my mom came upstairs and told me that she had died.

why did she have to do that? i don't like that.

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