his brisk city stride shuffled into a jog. his hand raised a newspaper up over his head. his shirt was already damp with sweat.

pitter patter.

she gathered her long skirt up in front of her and ducked into the nearest doorway. the sign above her read "xxx."

pitter patter pitter patter.

i looked up and the sky opened to greet me. great sheets of rain poured down from above and i raised my arms to greet them. i opened my eyes to see two lightning bolts dancing across the sky. i called up to them, my hands raised hight into the air, and they rumbled back a deep reply.

she huddled in the doorway, slightly embarrassed at her predicament. her sandals half submerged in water at this point she continued to hold the hem of her skirt out of the rising pool at her feet. i smiled at her and she turned away. i reached out to her, leaping over the river running down the street to the storm grate. she shook her head. i gestured up to the sign above her head.

she blushed.

"you'll thank me for this later," i said, as i seized her hand and pulled her out into the rain. she shrieked and dropped her skirt. i raised her hand to my lips and kissed it. she looked down at me, her hair just as wet as mine now, and smiled, reluctantly.

"may i have this dance?" i bowed.

she curtsied.

a discarded newspaper floated past as we waltzed the storm away.

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