i glanced out the window and caught her staring at me. she looked away as i did as my mind began racing through an infinite number of possible outcomes to this situation, most of which involved my heart getting mangled and left on the floor where it had been left so many times before. i turned to look again, preparing to see her her her eyes so close i could lick them if i felt so inclined, knowing as that she would be sitting there, eyes gazing longingly at me, knowing that this time it would be my turn and my time alone to be the one to crush and maim, to watch her eyes drop and her face fall as i struck down her glances with one



savoring that moment i craned my neck out and around, deliberately readying my eyes, readying my face, my brow furrowed in such a way as to say hey, not tonight. i turned and sneered and watched her hand reach up and scratch her nose as she paused and sighed and elegantly turned the page in the book that was resting in her lap.

well. that was unexpected.

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