there was something there, something, magical almost. well, i my head at least. in my mind there was something magical, something that connected when she walked in the room and i saw here there. a spark of something, though i can't exactly put my finger on it.

"don't i know you from"

but it didn't actually get that far as she wandered over to the coffee maker and pulled two paper cups down from the wall, one insulating the other one. two creams, two sugars and she steped over to the desk and started reading.

"i think that we might have"

i got up to talk to her. to say something, anything. to make that connection. i'm sure she felt it too, when she walked it. i wasn't even looking at her and it hit me. smell. that. where did it come from i'm sure that it's been around me before if only i could find it somewhere in my mind i know that it's back there her lips curled around the cup, lipstick stains forming on the paper why can't i know she's been i know i've

"remember that time when"

she stands and looks at the ceiling, puzzling over coming towards me past me where on earth could she possibly be going when i'm sitting right here can't she tell can't she feel it just the same as

a glance. just a moment.

"excuse me. don't i know you?"

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