and today she woke up as a butterfly and she had felt her body and was at once worried that she was actually a big roach like in that book, by that guy, you know, the one who had all those issues with his father? but she wasn't a roach, she was a beautiful butterfly and she stepped gingerly out of

bed and could feel the sheet as it was hanging on her wings and she stretched things she had never used before flexed behind her and her new wings stretched out behind her like long long fingers and the sheet fell off and the sun streamed in through the window hitting and warming the backs of her wings and shining through just barely so the shadow on the

ground was no longer black but a shade of purple. she stepped out of bed and worried what he might think of her when she walked into his room across the hall where he stayed, stayed under the pretense of not actually being together, but they both knew, both knew that they were together and it was really supposed to just be a matter of time before they actually admitted it to each other and she walked into the doorway of his room and looked at the

bed and saw an enormous roach peeking out from underneath the bedsheet.

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