"how many more tonight?"

the driver looked at me, held up one finger.

the train pulled away from the stop, and i looked into her eyes, reached out and pulled her tight. one more train. the night air damp with the remains from the evening storm hung around and i felt her breathing with me. cars passing around, the last of the passengers leaving the station. an eerie silence. the ticking of her watch behind my back. passing of time. soon enough. soon enough she would have to leave.

to think at these times of the things to say, of the things to do, is impossible. to do something anything at all would be unnatural, unforgiving to the moment. but to do nothing at all, to show no signs of understanding of the situation. that's wrong too.

all that's left, twitches in her hand, a shortening of breath, fingers stroking a rough wool sweater.

it should be enough, that first gaze. it should be enough but it feels so far from it. i want to draw her in even closer, into me, inside of me, to show her how much i

i would, but these thoughts passing through my head stopped by the approach, the lights, of the train. the last train. down the track, and it's only moments before she boards and i am left with the touch of her back, the smell of her hair

and the ticking of her watch.

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